Singlepayer still kickin’
Landfill fight revs up this
Union organizes for
time with railroad study
‘sustainable’ music
Bellefonte family:
‘This isn’t the same Army
Alice Fuller: The first lady
Opinions on hunting, wind
we signed up for’
of birdwatching
power and more
State High project:
Honduran workers help
Voices 5th Annual
Back to where we started?
end university contract
Fun!Raiser March 23rd!
March 2009
A breast
our times
Why some women opt to
get smaller through surgery
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Thoughtful. Fearless. Free .

March 2009
Thoughtful. Fearless. Free.
© 2009 Voices of Central Pennsylvania, Inc.
What’s in a name? A slogan? A sign?
March 2009
This issue of Voices challenged our vol-
the advertising and
from the desk of managing editor
unteer reporters. We had difficult stories to
donations we see
Suzan Erem
write about sensitive issues, such as the
coming in. For the
Managing Editor
breast reduction surgery of the two local
being a local paper is knowing that there is
first time (I know of)
Suzan Erem
women in our cover story or the lack of
a balance between the people we write
16 years, we are
[email protected]
health coverage for “John Smith.”
about and your need to hear their story. As I
offering an hourly
Politics and Economics
Why they asked us to change their names
told John Smith, our stories are often col-
wage to an advertis-
Zac Taylor
speaks more to our society’s ability to
laborations among a group of residents, and
ing rep to tap local
[email protected]
inflict judgement than any journalistic ethic
I’m proud to use these pages for such col-
support for afford-
we at Voices had to confront. Why do these
laborations. Let me know if you think that’s
able, effective, local
Community and Lifestyles
Delia Guzman
local residents feel the need for privacy on
not the best use of this resource we all sup-
advertising. We’re
[email protected]
issues that affect so many people? What
port. In fact, I’m counting on you to tell me
able to do this because of our donors and
does it say about the rest of us that they
what you think.
the advertisers we have now who have seen
think something negative will happen to
For example, in an effort to better define
the results of their ads and continue to
Tamara Conrad
[email protected]
them or be thought of them?
the ongoing evolution of Voices , we’ve
renew, even in tough times. I’ll keep you
Surely John Smith knows that nearly 47
adopted a new tagline of
posted on our progress.
million Americans are in the same boat he
Fearless. Free.” It seems to be the best
Please come to our annual Fun!Raiser
Heather Simmons
is, and most of the rest of us are one step
description of what we’ve become, with
March 23 (see the back page for details).
[email protected]
away from it. And why is breast reduction
“free” of course applying to a free press as
It’s our way of funding capital improve-
Arts and Entertainment
surgery loaded with more stigma than, let’s
well as a free paper. Graphic designers and
ments like software upgrades and new com-
Adam Eshleman
say, eye surgery or rotator cuff surgery or
even an anthropology class are working to
puters. With Simple Gifts generously donat-
[email protected]
even a nose job?
help us develop the visuals to go with it so
ing a concert, it’s a night you won’t want to
I’ll leave that for brighter minds to pon-
we can reach a broader audience.
miss. Besides, it’s our sign of success when
Paul Durrenberger
der. For my part, I’ve learned that part of
We’re also more visible on the Internet
our readers come together to celebrate the
[email protected]
than ever with Facebook and MySpace
community they have built on these pages.
pages. We hope to see you there soon! As
So that’s what I see in names, slogans and
Bill Eichman
Voices encourages letters commenting on our
our e-mail list grows to almost 3,000 and
signs. But there’s more. We’re looking to
[email protected]
news coverage and local affairs. Letters should
our print circulation grows another 15 per-
expand the leadership of Voices through our
be typed, double-spaced and a maximum of 250
cent, we find ourselves living the national
board. Ever wonder how we do things and
words. Include address and phone number for
statistics that show alternative newspaper
why? Want to have a direct effect on keep-
Mali Campbell, Doug Adler
verification purposes. We reserve the right to
edit letters for length and to reject those deemed
readership is up. We hope soon that our suc-
ing the free press alive here? Contact Board
beyond the limits of good taste. Due to space
cess will translate into paid staff who will
limitations, we cannot guarantee publication of
Doug Bauman
keep Voices going well into the future.
[email protected] for details. We need you
all letters. Letters become the property of Voices
Our best measure of support, though, is
now more than ever.
of Central Pennsylvania. E-mail to [email protected]
Kevin Handwerk
[email protected]
Top Stories in This Issue
Contact Voices for ad rate information at adver-
[email protected]. Voices reserves the right
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to refuse any advertising deemed incompatible
pages 3-5
with our purpose and philosophy as a socially
Singlepayer healthcare plan still in play by Suzan Erem...
responsible publication. Only publication signi-
Bellefonte military family concerned about future by Sophie Kerszberg...
fies acceptance of an ad by Voices of Central
Pennsylvania . Publication of an ad does not
pages 6-10
imply endorsement or recommendation by
Breast reduction surgery on the rise by Sophie Kerszberg...
Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.
Voices of any product or service. Cancellation of
[email protected]
State High project: Back where we started? by Suzan Erem...
an ad by the customer after closing date incurs
full charge. Voices accepts advertisements
pages 11-15
vice president
equally from all political candidates regardless of
Bill Eichman
Landfill fight revs up with railroad study by Michael Sparr...
their party or viewpoint. Rates are standard for
[email protected]
Alice Fuller: The first lady of birdwatching by Delia Guzman...
. 11
all ads. Inquiries to [email protected].
pages 16-18
Steven Lachman
Sweatshop workers help end contract by Tamara Conrad...
Voices of Central Pennsylvania
[email protected]
Women take on secretary of state role by Lindsay Chew...
133 S. Allen St.
State College, PA 16801
pages 19-22
Paul Durrenberger
Union organizes for ‘sustainable’ music by Adam Eshleman...
[email protected]
(814) 234-1699
Penn State to host Japanese drum ensemble Kodo by Craig Keener...
[email protected]
pages 23-27
Hunting is a replacement for industrial meat by Mandy Zickefoose...
Siting of wind plants is dangerous to forests by Stan Kotala...
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teer organization. We gratefully accept contribu-
tions and bequests to support our efforts.
This month’s columns: Birdwatch, Our World and Cosmo