March 2009
Hunting is a replacement for industrial meat
by Mandy Zickefoose
en and pork is a business, and often profit
injected with chemicals.
showed me that
takes priority while health and nutrition
All of this is summed up when on our
Many people would be surprised by my
environmentalism is
become secondary.
way home from work we pop into the gro-
decision to hunt. I was a vegetarian and am
a genuine concern
Obtaining locally grown vegetables was
cery market, often without a thought for the
an active environmentalist and a supporter
and each person can
easy for me, but finding locally raised meat
animal that will provide us with energy to
of sustainable living. As it turns out, these
make a difference.
was a problem. Much of our meat is raised
power through the 8am staff meeting.
were all reasons that influenced me to hunt.
This gave me a
hundreds or thousands of miles away. Life
I could not participate in this disassociat-
My grandfather is 91 years old. The sto-
strong feeling of
for these animals on big commercial farms
ed, assembly line production of my food.
ries he tells me about his life really put
is anything but acceptable.
Five years ago, my neighbor gave me the
things into perspective for me.
take care of our
There are many documentaries detailing
opportunity to gain a new understanding of
He and my grandmother were very self-
the appalling situation in our livestock
meat consumption. He offered me a bowl
sufficient. They farmed 261 acres of land,
For me hunting is not about killing, it is
industry. Due to overfeeding to yield
brimming with hot rabbit stew, knowing full
raised livestock, cultivated three gardens,
not about trophies and it is not about the
plumper chickens, chickens’ legs snap
well of my vegetarian diet. I laughed at first,
maintained an orchard, worked full-time
season’s opening day. Hunting is about
under their unnatural weight. Cattle are
thinking he was just teasing me.
jobs and, oh yeah, raised two children.
appreciating nature and being thankful for
injected with growth hormones to alter their
Then, taking a serious tone, he asked me
I grew up not too far away from this rare
what it provides.
genetics and produce more meat.
why I didn’t eat meat. I gave him the afore-
masterpiece, but things did not click for me
There are many steps for the final product
The techniques for slaughtering the ani-
mentioned reasons, in what was probably a
until a few years ago.
to arrive on our dinner tables and unfortu-
mals are also disturbing. One method for
self-righteous manner. He listened very
I took a couple of classes during my col-
nately, many of us have either forgotten or
slaughtering chickens is throwing them into
patiently, nodded his head a few times and
lege career that taught me about environ-
do not have the time to consider this.
boiling water. This way it is more conven-
waited until he was sure I had climbed
mental pollution and degradation—not that
I was a vegetarian for some time. My rea-
ient to remove their feathers.
down from my high horse.
I needed a course to open my eyes to the lit-
sons for choosing such a lifestyle were
Then the animals are packaged and trucks
He began stirring his stew and then he
ter cluttering our highways, exhaust fumes
based on the procedural system of meat pro-
drive them long distances to arrive in our
clogging our cities and mercury poisoning
duction. What I mean is the food industry
grocery markets. The animals spend their
our tuna fish market.
faces many problems. Raising beef, chick-
entire lives cramped into small quarters and
see Hunting , pg. 25
Siting of wind plants is dangerous to forests
by Stan Kotala
statement by the Pennsylvania Biological
completion between
degrade the forest by creating unfavorable
Survey described the impact of industrial
habitat for many species of migratory birds
Central Pennsylvania’s forested ridges
wind plants in ridgetop forested settings as
Maryland border.
because of high rates of nest predation by
are the last strongholds of unfragmented
In addition, the
middle level predators
(ecotonal meso-
wooded habitat left in our region. Such
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
extensive road net-
predators) of the transitional zones at the
forests are critical to the survival of the
describes three broad impacts of industrial
work associated
edges of forests, such as such as foxes,
wood thrush, the ovenbird, the scarlet tan-
wind plants: direct mortality of birds and
with industrial wind
skunks and raccoons, and nest parasitism by
ager, the cerulean warbler and many other
bats, the inducement of avoidance behavior
plants has substan-
brown-headed cowbirds.
forest interior species.
and forest fragmentation.
tial ecological costs,
Furthermore, the effects of such openings
These same forested ridges are the targets
The Pennsylvania Game Commission
including increased
extend 300 feet into the forest from the
of industrial wind plant developers.
classifies many of central Pennsylvania’s
erosion, chemical
edge. Interior forest, therefore, is defined as
A hundred years ago, people who
ridges, including the Allegheny Front and
and thermal water pollution, spread of inva-
forest occurring more than 300 feet from an
opposed the damming of the Hetch Hetchy
Tussey Mountain, as “high risk sites” for
sive exotics and forest fragmentation.
edge. Interior forest is required for success-
were denounced by Gifford Pinchot, Teddy
industrial wind plant development.
Roads cause many problems when they
ful breeding by species such as the black-
Roosevelt and other nature-lovers as unreal-
Dr. Keith Bildstein, director of conserva-
break up continuous areas of forest in
throated blue warbler, the black-throated
istic preservationists who failed to see the
tion at world-famous Hawk Mountain,
Pennsylvania, and it is getting worse by the
green warbler, the wood thrush, the oven-
benefits to nature of sacrificing a few areas
writes that these high risk sites should be
day as more roads are built in contiguous
bird and the scarlet tanager.
in order to save many others from the
off-limits to industrial wind plant develop-
In addition to decimating interior forest
impacts of coal mining and burning.
These adverse effects of forest fragmen-
habitat, roads produce edge effects con-
A century later, with the benefit of better
Dr. Todd Katzner of the National Aviary
tation include reduced habitat area, habitat
ducive to the spread of alien invasive plants
science and more knowledge about aquatic
has demonstrated through radio telemetry
isolation and loss of species from an area,
such as multiflora rose, Japanese stiltgrass,
ecosystems, we now know in detail just how
that the Allegheny Front is on the major
disruption of dispersal, increased edge
Russian olive, Japanese barberry, tree-of-
devastating large hydroelectric dams can
eastern golden eagle migratory route, and
effects, loss of core habitat and the facilita-
heaven and Japanese knotweed. Once estab-
be. A similar scenario is unfolding with
he states that the golden eagle is the species
tion of alien invasive species. Due to their
lished on roadsides, these alien invaders
industrial wind farms.
most at risk from industrial wind plant
linearity, roads and transmission lines have
infiltrate adjacent habitats, further degrad-
There is growing consensus among the
particularly pronounced fragmentation
ing our forests.
scientific community that ridgetop industri-
The Allegheny Front already has more
al wind plants pose significant threats to
than 400 industrial-scale wind turbines in
Even narrow open corridors through
see Wind power pg. 25
Pennsylvania’s natural heritage. A recent
various stages of planning, construction and
forests, such as roads and rights-of-way,

March 2009
Why all should favor single-payer health care
by Chris Byrne
or pays for the expensive cost for untreated
The current system of pri-
illness later. Refusing to pay claims would
The incentive for the doctors is to pre-
not be an option, and mandating unlimited
scribe the treatments in which they believe.
Myths abound when it comes to discus-
vate insurance creates incen-
coverage is key to placing incentives on
The incentive for not over-prescribing
sion of virtually any public policy issue, and
tives ...that run counter to
health rather than profit.
comes from the fact that it would constitute
single payer universal health care is no
the health of the population,
There is also an incentive to keep admin-
fraud, and they would risk losing their
interfere with consumer free-
istrative costs as low as possible by stream-
We all need to look at the real effects of
dom of choice, inflate costs
lining paperwork. Additional administrative
In summary, the current system of private
both our status quo system of private insur-
savings would come from doing away with
insurance creates incentives for insurers,
ance and the proposed system currently
and raise ethical questions...
the profit-driven incentives for lobbyists,
providers and consumers of health care that
before our Pennsylvania legislature: the
public relations and advertising costs and
run counter to the health of the population,
Family and Business Health Security Act
the army of staff to argue rejected claims.
interfere with consumer freedom of choice,
(House resolution HR 1660 and Senate bill
Medicare is a reasonable estimate of
inflate costs and raise ethical questions
SB 300).
incentive for individuals to abstain from
administrative costs, which run about 3 per-
about conflict of interest and profiteering
As a game theorist with a doctorate in
treatment until they are in crises because the
cent compared to an average of 30 percent
off of people’s risk of misfortune.
Mathematics and 20 years applied experi-
insurance companies might not pay the full
in the insurance industry, including profits.
The universal heath care plan awaiting
ence for the U.S. military, I look at any sys-
cost, and if they do, they may mark illness-
The incentive created for the individual is
vote in our Pennsylvania legislature pro-
tem of rules as incentives that ultimately
es as pre-existing conditions that will hurt
to seek out all the care one thinks one needs,
vides a set of incentives that put the focus of
shape people’s behavior, at least on average.
individuals if they ever have to change
including preventative care, without fear of
health care back on health instead of profits,
The implicit rules of the status quo sys-
discrimination because of a future pre-exist-
along with massive cost savings in the
tem of private insurance are that insurers are
The incentives for doctors and other
ing condition.
process. Call or email your senators and
not obligated to insure anybody. They are
health care providers are to only perform or
Some fear that full coverage with zero co-
representatives, and urge them to support
free to charge individualized rates to make
prescribe treatment that the insurers will
pay gives an incentive for over-consump-
the bills.
customers with a high expected payout
pay for, which too often results in lower
profitable and/or deter them from buying
quality care.
tion, but the behavior of those who current-
ly have excellent insurance providing virtu-
Chris Byrne is a research associate at the
insurance, and they can restrict coverage to
Insurers reimburse poorly for primary
ally unlimited coverage indicates that most
Applied Research Laboratory and an assis-
their choice of doctors, hospitals or other
and preventive care, so it is not offered or
people do not seek out unnecessary health
tant professor of mathematics at Penn State.
health providers.
encouraged. Instead, like patients, doctors
If an insurance company refuses to pay
put off treatment until a more serious treat-
for treatment or preventative care of any
ment is required that may cost more but for
kind, the patient’s only recourse is expen-
which the doctors are more fully reim-
sive civil action.
The incentives created for the insurance
All in all, the current system gives insur-
companies are to pay for as little treatment
ers, heath care providers and the public at
as possible, relative to any level of cover-
large incentives to compromise care in favor
age, and to be concerned with customer rep-
of cost considerations and to subvert the
utation only when dealing with major
main purpose of insurance, which is pool-
employers of at least a hundred employees.
ing risk.
There is little incentive to worry about indi-
In the system proposed by the Family and
viduals or small businesses.
Business Health Security Act, everyone has
Insurers have responded to this incentive
unlimited coverage for all treatment and
by raising deductibles and co-pays and hir-
preventative care deemed medically neces-
ing an army of staff to argue with customers
sary, and everyone is free to choose his or
over rejected claims rather than paying
her own health care provider.
more claims, which would reduce the need
It is paid for by replacing private health
for such a volume of arguments.
insurance premiums with a 3 percent tax on
Allowing individualized rates creates a
individual income and a 10 percent tax on
particularly ironic incentive to avoid pool-
payroll for businesses. The status quo is that
ing risk, which is the whole point of insur-
most individuals insured through their
ance in the first place.
employer pay about 20 percent of income
The incentive created by the current sys-
for combined insurance and co-pay, and
tem for the common person is to keep one’s
those privately insured pay about 35 percent
current job, no matter how bad the pay or
of income.
treatment, as long it provides insurance.
The incentive created for the state by the
Entrepreneurship is stifled because, while
proposed legislation is to maximize the
going without income is a predictable hard-
health of all individuals through preventa-
ship, going without insurance is gambling
tive care, education and public health pro-
with bankruptcy and even death. Fifty per-
grams such as smoking cessation and early
cent of bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused
childhood nutrition.
by unaffordable healthcare costs.
This is because under a single payer sys-
Higher co-pays and deductibles create an
tem, one either pays for prevention up front

March 2009
Rebersburg manure runoff threatens waters
by Sarah Berndt
Most of these trout had been growing for two to four years at
the hatchery. Here was a huge pile...now reduced to a stinking
attended two local
mass of worthless garbage. Just dealing with the aftermath of
programs regarding
this fish kill was four days of hard work.
the degradation of
Bay. It seems most
yard” of the magnitude of the 20,000 plus
which could not sink into frozen ground,
all of us agree that
fish that were killed at a local fish hatchery
was carried directly through the hatchery
the Bay is a valu-
here in Rebersburg, it makes me mad.
and into Elk Creek.
able asset and wor-
I went to the hatchery and helped net out
I realize that not being able to rely on
times about the situation and his disregard
thy of rescue, as
scoop after scoop after scoop of dead fish
manure spreading machinery is problemat-
for water quality down stream. If permitted
until my back could take no more. It was
ic. However, there are Amish farmers here
to continue, Elk Creek and all the waters it
money being poured into this effort.
sad and depressing, and I kept thinking of
in the Valley who are not polluting the
flows into, down to the Chesapeake, will
The dynamics of life in the Bay are com-
the loss and that the incident did not have to
streams and are not continuously negatively
plex, as are all the practices contributing to
occur. It’s one thing to kill a living organism
impacting their neighbors’ abilities to make
I used to believe that there are govern-
its demise and all the varied work it will
for food, something else entirely just to
a living.
mental agencies, such as the Pennsylvania
take to renew it. However, it is worth men-
waste it.
Indeed, many credit the Amish in these
Department of Environmental Protection,
tioning that the Bay is suffering because of
Most of these trout had been growing for
parts with saving the farmland from devel-
human enterprise, and it is our responsibili-
two to four years at the hatchery. Here was
ty to change.
a huge pile of what was intended to be good
This runoff is not unusual here, and this
see Manure , pg. 27
Manure runoff from farms in
food for a whole lot of people to eat, or slat-
particular farmer has been confronted many
Pennsylvania and Maryland greatly dimin-
ed for stocking in someone’s private pond,
ishes life in the Bay, which now has dead
now reduced to a stinking mass of worthless
the Mississippi during spring migration.
from Wind power , pg. 23
Other disturbing signs include the targeting
zones with not enough oxygen to support
garbage. Just dealing with the aftermath of
this fish kill was four days of hard work.
of Brush Mountain in Blair County, part of
The construction of forest roads associat-
the Canoe Creek Important Mammal Area,
As central Pennsylvania is a part of the
I believe this unhappy incident was
ed with industrial wind plants constitutes a
which is home to the Commonwealth’s
Chesapeake Bay watershed, we who live
caused by a careless Amish farmer who
relatively permanent change in habitat
largest hibernaculum and summer colony of
here must preserve the water quality of our
spread liquid fertilizer from his manure
structure. Because the construction of such
the federally endangered Indiana bat, and the
streams and creeks that flow into the
lagoon on top of snow on top of frozen
roads involves a major investment, the
targeting of Tuscarora, Jacks, Blacklog,
Susquehanna River and into the Bay.
ground. When the temperature increased
incentive for long-term maintenance to pro-
Shade and Canoe Mountains, which are
When I see a pollution event in my “back-
and the snow melted, the toxic manure,
vide future access is high. The longer these
homes to colonies of the Pennsylvania
work. I spent hours sweating, tilling, weed-
roads are in place, the greater the chance
Threatened Allegheny woodrat.
ing and watering. I wanted the same associ-
that forest degradation will occur.
Conservationists should seek a balanced
from Hunting , pg. 23
ation with my meat.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s
approach to energy production. Industrial-
“Mandy, this rabbit was not raised
The chair of the wildlife conservation
guidance document regarding wind farm
wind complexes on the
specifically for us to eat. That is not why it
group introduced me to Quality Deer
location states:
Commonwealth’s forested ridgetops offer
was born.
Management. It is a set of guidelines and
1. Avoid placing turbines in areas where
no real response to the threat of global
“This rabbit experienced life. It saw the
practices that ensure well-nourished deer, a
there are endangered species.
warming and only token gestures for
wonders of northern Pennsylvania, played
healthier deer population and, of course, an
2. Avoid placing turbines in bird migra-
improving air quality.
in the summer meadows and huddled
active role played by the hunter. The active
tion pathways.
In Pennsylvania, it would require sacri-
against the winter snow.
role is the association I wanted.
3. Avoid placing turbines near known bat
ficing 800 miles of ridgetop to place the
“This rabbit was not fenced in, packaged
I spent hours sweating, plowing, working
hibernation, breeding, and maternity
4,000 wind turbines that would be needed
and shipped by truck. There were not genet-
and seeding the land with greens. These
to provide the Keystone State with just 10
ically altering chemicals racing through its
greens provide nutritious food for the deer
4. Avoid fragmenting large, contiguous
percent of its electricity.
body, only good green flora from the forest
to grow stronger and aid them in winter sur-
tracts of wildlife habitat.
A much more meaningful action would
floor and fresh spring water. This can be
As you can see, siting industrial wind
redirect the substantial tax subsides avail-
passed to you.”
This past fall I took a beautiful, healthy
plants on central Pennsylvania’s forested
able for wind energy to fund conservation
I was, to say the least, inspired. He made
deer. Rather than taking it to a processor, I
ridges is inconsistent with the criteria for
and efficiency incentives, for these would
enough sense for me to re-examine my rea-
learned to field dress, skin, prepare, can and
acceptable wind farm locations according
have a far greater impact in reducing the
sons for vegetarianism.
freeze the meat. I know the deer lived a nat-
to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
effects of fossil fuel combustion and toxic
A year ago, I joined a wildlife conserva-
ural life, and it was a gift to me.
It is especially troubling that wind power
emissions responsible for endangering the
tion group. I learned that my responsibility
Anytime I take from the earth, I am
developers have targeted ridges such as
to our planet and my desire to become more
thankful, and I actively do my part to give
Tussey Mountain, which has been designat-
associated with what I put into my body can
ed as an Important Bird Area by the
Stan Kotala is the Conservation Chair for
build upon each other.
Pennsylvania Biological Survey because of
Juniata Valley Audubon www.jvas.org, on
This past summer I started my own gar-
Mandy Zickefoose is a PhD student of
its importance to migrating raptors, espe-
the Executive Committee of the Moshannon
den with the expertise of my grandfather
anthropology, an organic gardner, huntress
cially the golden eagle.
guiding me along the way. I know exactly
and steward of the earth who believes the
As a matter of fact, Tussey Mountain has
(www.sierramsh.org) and practices medi-
where my vegetables come from—my hard
individual can make a difference.
the highest number of golden eagles east of
cine in Blair County.

March 2009
Letters to the editor
Penn State threatens Spring Creek water
U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
According to the College of Agricultural
to the uplands happens to the creek.
There has been some talk in Congress of
nerve to bring George W. Bush, Richard
Sciences in a news release Friday, Jan. 23,
If the College of Agriculture becomes
investigations, possibly leading to criminal
Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld to the bar of
2009 titled “Study Suggests Link Between
owner, chances are the uplands will be clear
prosecutions, of members of the previous
justice. I doubt that even secondary figures
Agricultural Chemicals and Frog Decline”:
cut and crop farmed using conventional
like Alberto Gonzalez will be prosecuted.
“Around the world, amphibian populations
farming methods, thus applying the named
Obviously, crimes were committed—
As a result, several years of criminal
are in decline, and scientists have not been
chemicals to the land. These will seep into
crimes of the gravest nature. There was tor-
prosecutions could lead to nothing but rein-
able to figure out why. Now a study of leop-
the groundwater, down the canyon and into
ture, and that was the worst, but there were
forcement of the Bush lie that these crimes
ard frogs in Pennsylvania has identified a
the creek.
also warrantless wiretapping, politicization
were all the fault of a few bad apples on the
possible culprit, and the ramifications are
Immune suppressants?
of the Justice Department and so on.
receiving end of the orders.
troubling, according to a Penn State ecolo-
Frogs and amphibians are not the only
A large part of America’s leadership was
Those in government and the media who
sentient beings affected by agricultural
culpable in this. Congressional Democrats
signed no orders and carried out none, but
The study looked at atrazine and phos-
chemicals. There is an epidemic of breast
and the media looked the other way.
merely looked the other way, would, of
cancer as well as other cancers occurring
The greatest danger now, I think, is that
course, get off scot-free.
Hunter Carrick, associate professor of
around us.
such crimes as torture and manipulating
Recently, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont
aquatic ecology in Penn State’s College of
We all have cancer cells in our bodies
intelligence will become accepted as part of
has suggested a Truth and Reconciliation
Agricultural Sciences says, “The scientific
every day, and every day our immune sys-
the government’s toolbox. These crimes
Commission whose primary purpose would
findings point to worrisome synergisms
tems using natural killer cells, T cells and
could be repeated by future administrations.
be to find the whole truth about the Bush
between two commonly used agro-chemi-
other immune cells seek and destroy these
I also believe that criminal prosecutions
administration’s crimes. Criminal prosecu-
cals …
renegade cancer cells. What are the effects
of those responsible would be satisfying to
tion would be secondary.
“Like canaries used to gauge the safety of
of immune suppressants in our drinking
us all but might not do the job of eradicat-
Leahy’s idea might not work either, but I
air in coal mines, amphibians are thought to
ing these crimes from the list of tactics per-
think it has a chance.
be the ‘canaries’ in our freshwater environ-
The health of Spring Creek and the health
mitted to the American government.
ments, and reductions in their health can
of the residents of Centre County are in the
I do not believe that those at the top, the
Peter Morris
warn that subsequent species declines
hands of our legislators.
ultimate givers of orders, will ever be pros-
State College
might be in store.”
The College of Agriculture Sciences at
ecuted. There is simply not the will or the
The results of this research were
Penn State has provided the best argument
described in a recently published article in
against their ownership of Spring Creek
Mistreatment at the hands of a newspaper?
the journal Nature.
Canyon and upland.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would
Because of that lack, the original accusa-
This research has implications for Spring
print this. I believe Chris Lee has been
tion continues to have unpleasant ramifica-
Creek Canyon. What happens to the mother
Gernilee Carter
treated poorly by the Centre Daily Times .
tions for his professional work and his pub-
happens to the baby; likewise what happens
State College
According to our society’s laws, a person
lic service.
is innocent until proven otherwise.
A Penn State intern at the Boal Mansion
Swiss banks help wealthy evade taxes
In a recent local case, however, that law
Museum created a social studies curriculum
was ignored by the Centre Daily Times and
unit about Boalsburg’s heritage, but our
If you think the so-called Wall Street
identify the owners and beneficiaries of the
by many in the public and continues to be
local school district will not even speak
(particularly to Citigroup) are a
accounts to the Internal Revenue Service.
with Lee about using it, nor will they allow
poke in the Average Joe’s eye, here’s a poke
The “Rubin Loophole” allowed corporate
I refer to Christopher Lee, chief executive
him to recruit high school students as sum-
to the other eye: Approximately 19,000
trusts to be effectively faceless, so USB cre-
officer of the Columbus Chapel and Boal
mer docents, something he has done for
wealthy U.S. citizens were discovered
ated a maze of bogus corporate trusts
Mansion Museum, supervisor of Harris
several decades with good results for all.
evading taxes, hiding at least $20 billion in
designed to shield the true beneficiaries of
Township, chair of the Boalsburg
A fine man is wrongly accused but
the secret vaults of Switzerland’s banking
the accounts. USB marketed this advantage
Anniversary Celebration and president of
cleared completely, never proven anything
giant, UBS.
to U.S. clients, who were eager to discreet-
the Boalsburg Village Conservancy
but innocent, yet the newspaper doesn’t
How they did this is interesting because it
ly park wealth offshore and stealthily evade
In 2005, Lee was accused of sexual mis-
bother to print the positive outcome to
began during the Clinton administration.
conduct. The accusation was ballyhooed in
counter the original negative story. Isn’t it
The enabling loophole was cleverly cre-
Now the IRS is demanding the names of
the newspaper, yet we saw no similar article
long overdue?
ated by then Treasury Secretary Robert
UBS’s U.S. clientele. The Swiss have
about Lee’s vindication when, if fact, all
Rubin. Rubin created a policy enabling
refused to comply, despite a U.S. court
charges were dismissed last year by the
Cynthia M. Shaler
UBS to help America’s most wealthy gener-
order, and are looking to strike a deal with
Centre County Court.
ate international income.
U.S. prosecutors.
After his years of public service, Rubin
I want the list of these tax cheats pub-
Thanks for the article on green awareness
went to Citigroup, serving as Chairman on
lished. I’m sure we’ll recognize a few of
I am writing to thank you for printing the
tive energy can accomplish great things.
the Board of Directors. He resigned his
these “citizens.”
excellent article, “Group Educates Teachers
I appreciate Voices ’ commitment to rais-
position earlier this month.
to Teach Green,” by Bridget Monaghan.
ing awareness.
Secretary Rubin enabled Swiss banks to
John Walls
Encouraging awareness about local
declare a U.S. client’s tax status and to
opportunities for environmental activism
Alexandra D’Urso
can be challenging, but when we all come
Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction
send your letters to [email protected]
together as a community to declare that
College of Education
such issues are important to us, our collec-
The Pennsylvania State University

March 2009
Campus and Culture
from the Canine Perspective
Dear Cosmo,
would be a hermaphrodite. What’s the dif-
by being goofy and humble. Being busted
My brother came home for winter break
ference between a true hermaphrodite and a
as a stoner is just the character trifecta.
and announced to the family that he is
bisexual? About $2,000 per film appear-
That sure beats arrogance…and eight
“bisexual.” I love him, well, like a brother,
ance, and probably top billing.
medals beats seven.
but I still don’t quite get where he’s coming
Pot is obviously not a performance
from. Does being bisexual mean that he
Dear Cosmo,
enhancing drug, unless you’re talking about
HAS both sexes, or just that he likes mem-
If the urgency of your brother’s quest to
I was shocked to see the photo of Michael
cognitive impairment, getting the munchies
bers of both sexes? And is it an even fifty-
play on both teams seems quite pro-
Phelps smoking marijuana at a college
or laughing a stupid stuff. Then it’s a super-
fifty, or does he like one better than the
nounced, and the main motive is to increase
party. Didn’t you find this behavior disap-
steroid. So the Human Outboard Motor is
other? Any insights? Signed, Shopping for
his odds at getting lucky, then I’d probably
pointing for a sports icon who was one of
slummin’ at some frat party, gettin’ all kind
classify such a bisexual as a
our real American heroes? Signed, Down
and what-not, and some bozo with a spy
enough-o-sexual.” But if there’s no real
and Out in State College
cam narks him out to the world. I’m dis-
Dear Buy Curious,
sense of panic, and he seems to comfortably
appointed in the clown who got his thirty
People like labels, presumably to make it
accept whatever way the ball (or breast)
Dear Drowning Us Out with Hate
pieces of silver for a cell phone snap, and
easier to discriminate. This particular dis-
bounces, then such a bisexual is probably a
probably cost Michael six figures when
crimination has to do with sexual prefer-
“just-about-the-right-amount-o-sexual.” It
An athlete during the off-season smoking
Kellogg’s yanked his Corn Flakes endorse-
ence, and your question is whether prefer-
doesn’t appear that he falls into the “not
pot at a college party? Call Mike Wallace!
ence equals identity. On the one hand, there
particularly interested” variety, since he was
Call Morley Safer! Call Ed Bradley! Hell,
It reminds me of a TV news reporter my
is the human need for intimacy, companion-
interested enough to share that info with
call Andy Rooney, so he can quack, “ever
human used to work with. She was going
ship and shared expression, and on the other
you, you found it interesting enough to send
notice your regular phone doesn’t have a
on and on about being at a party with a local
hand are the mechanics by which those
to me, and I found it interesting enough to
camera built into it when someone famous
US Congressman and how he was doing
yearnings may get expressed. If it’s all just
help someone line his or her birdcage with
fires up a bong? What ever happened to
COCAINE (emphasis hers). She was basi-
social intercourse, then you’re just another
it. Voila, mission accomplished.
taking pictures with a tray of flash powder
cally telling all the other assembled print
member of society. But if it includes some
In our household, our new adolescent
on a stick?”
and broadcast reporters about it. Finally,
kind of involvement with one another’s pri-
spaniella Julia Belle tries to hump Eli, the
I’m not disappointed in Michael Phelps
some wisecracker set the scales right by
vate parts, I guess that’s when nature or nur-
ancient male spaniel. She also tries to
whatsoever. He still IS a sports legend and
“Yeah, April, but was it GOOD
ture takes its own course...and intercourse.
hump the new cat, who also happens to be
national hero. Seems to me he spent a
cocaine?” She, of course, was forced to
I don’t know what the natural progression
female. Julia Belle appears to be bi-curi-
whole lot of time throughout high school
either change the subject or dabble in that
is, from heterosexual to homosexual to
ous. The “bi” part seems to apply to both
and college chuggin’ up and down that pool
journalistic rarity called “accuracy.”
bisexual, trisexual, quadrosexual, pentasex-
gender and species. Whether “curious,” as
instead of tokin’ up. Talk about boring! If
So, with an eye towards accuracy, my
ual, octosexual, dodecasexual, etc. It seems
in “innately inquisitive,” or “odd enough to
anyone earned a little post-Olympics buzz,
question to the Phelps-a-razzi is,
there are an infinite number of combina-
be a freak show attraction,” remains to be
he did.
Michael passing you the bong next, or did
tions and flavors when you start including
seen. I don’t know about it making the
He didn’t fall off my pedestal for smok-
you just pass it to him immediately before
other species or inanimate objects. I think
grade as a freak show, but the home movies
ing herb. He’s still on it for winning a
you took your shot?” Publishing pictures
basically there are three kinds of sexuals:
of it are totally freakin’ hilarious!
dozen gold medals for this country, and for
from some parties can not only make you
the “can’t-get-enough-o-sexuals,” the “just-
To answer the rest of your question,
setting a new world record for winning
rich, but it can also make you one thing you
about-the-right-amount-o-sexuals,” and the
bisexual does not mean your brother has
eight of them in a single Olympiad. He’s
probably already knew you were: incredi-
both male and female sex organs. That
already got Mark Spitz beat by a mile just
level of frustration on many levels.
from Manure , pg. 25
I also believe there is a lack of communi-
that have the power to control polluters, like
cation between the various environmental
General Membership Meeting
this extended family of eco-unfriendly
agencies and that they would be more effi-
7 p.m. Monday, March 16, 2009
Amish dairy farmers. However, I have seen
cient if they would compare notes once in a
no evidence to support this idea over the
Foxdale Meeting Room
past five years that I have been following
I learned from one of the Chesapeake
500 E. Marylyn Ave.
the problem.
Bay programs I attended that they finally
Our streams would be getting cleaner if
got a few fish to live in the Lancaster area
State College
there was an authority that was willing and
streams again, and that’s a good thing. But
able to see that a change be made to these
where were our publicly funded environ-
Lew Jillings and Arthur Goldschmidt will interview
dirty farming practices.
mental protection agencies when all the fish
4 Foxdale residents about their memories
Although there are some diligent envi-
died in the first place?
of the foundation of the United Nations.
ronmental field workers, it seems increas-
ingly difficult to even get anyone’s attention
Sarah Berndt is a watercolor artist and
to address the issues, and I sense a high
gardener. She lives in Rebersburg.
Refreshments will be served.