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November 2007 Issue is Out!


This cover is a bit ambiguous...

It's not my favorite cover, even tho after reading the issue I came to realize that it was a piece of art from the Iraq War show from the Art Alliance. At first I didn't realize it was a photo. The ambiguity of the artwork does match the ambiguity of the war.

This one stirred my brain, unlike last month's ponies

I like this cover, not because I like the art, but because when I saw this, a few neurons went a little crazy in my head, seeing bloody Christ on a newspaper - it's an edgy piece of art, and makes for an interesting, provocative cover, which is exactly what Voices (and the other papers) should be doing - provoking Thought. [Although, sometimes I wonder if other people have thoughts; they sure don't act like it sometimes]. So, in that case, keep on putting papers out with provocative images on the cover - Voices is progressive, leftist, and don't be afraid to be radical and even more Left. I mean, at some point, you have to stop, otherwise, you get so Left, you're Right again.

Interestingly, I didn't see it as inherently a Christ image

Altho it's clearly a Christ reference, I saw it at first as a kind of generic semitic/arab face - bloodied by the wars in the middle east. And that's what I thought was a bit interesting about it, that it wasn't the blond nordic Christ of pop american religious icons.

Kind of as reminder that the "people of the Book", the originators of judaism, christianity, and islam, all looked like the people we are demonizing in the news, semitic peoples from the middle east.

I agree with you tho, it's more interesting the the horses.

I was looking at it more as a design at first, asking the question, "Will this cover attract people to the paper?", and that was the context of my intial critique. And I'm still not sure that it's an "attractive" cover. But what the heck, it's in the past now, done and put to bed.

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