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Pennsylvanians for Safe Access medical marijuana rally in Altoona

PENNSYLVANIANS FOR SAFE ACCESS: Medical Cannabis Support Rally

Friday October 23rd, 2015, Rally from 4-7, Press Conference 5:30
Heritage Plaza, Altoona PA

After 88 Years of cannabis prohibition, which was led by a gentleman named Harry Anslinger from Altoona, a broad spectrum of Pa. citizens are tired of not having safe access to safe natural medical cannabis. Medical cannabis legislation is further along in the legislative process than it has ever been in PA, and should pass by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

Pennsylvanians for Safe Access is coming to Altoona to have patient advocates and patients that would greatly be helped by medical cannabis tell their stories. Through stories of personal triumphs and education about what medical cannabis is, we will help break the stigma and negative associations of this plant. We encourage all to attend, those for, against, or on the fence. Over 300 people have indicated that they are planning on attending.

Pennsylvanians for Safe Access to Medical Marijuana


Photo: Harry Anslinger Source: Wikimedia Commons

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