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I am thinking about grabbing one of those quarter coworking slots at New Leaf Initiative

I'm wondering about getting a slice of new workspace - in this case, technically, of new cowork space. An office in town, with a working cellphone (I live in a cell shadow, some weird trick of the ridges and the line-of-sight towers. No service, the phone always says.), and a view. I have been doing various types of running calculations in my minds eye - the expense, versus the ways the expense could be leveraged into results and value. The immediate financial return potential is - well - lets call it an unknowable. I don't need another workstation, and I could not afford (would not choose to afford) to buy another computer and gear setup to create another workstation in that space, so, to make a return I'd have to approach it with an entirely different model of how I provide my services and apply my skills, and thereby induce others to write that check or bang that CC, or otherwise pass value to my use.

I have been involved in some number of projects where the principals had the laptop dream. "Man, I'll be on the beach with my laptop and my phone, tapping wireless from the repeaters, and checking my stats watching the sales roll in. I can do this internet biz from anywhere...".

In practice, it's never that simple, and my part of such work is just a drag to do on a laptop. I need real estate, as much monitor as I can fit in place, and a good keyboard with room for trained fingers to dance and power out the copy text and coax every resistant pixel into position.

But - there are other projects I have had cooking in the creative alembics of my crafty mindspaces for years and decades. Things I have always wanted to try. Projects and concepts that might be bozoic pratfalls with no funny recovery to pull the laughs. Or might blow up into "Bro, that is brilliant!", if given a clear table and a playing team to put wings on it's feet.

$150 for x hours and y features and z unknowns = ?????????


ooops - Ryan, throw that pdf back into the shop, for a little chop snip center export action.
And, uh, a few keywords into the issuu descrip field would also be cool, help the spiders out.
If you look around, you will find this - but, you know, it should be easier to find.




Doing my service as an individual partner, breaking thru the tryanny of the facebook-page-only
​paradigm and the ios one finger code. "AWSUM is2dy4 cya ltr cnt txt no mor kthxbyyyy/",
I am posting these updates, because I see them as the sign of entry into a new stage of efforts.


So, last time, I did a bit of cosmetic surgery on the html and css - and then I'm like....

"Dude, why waste that precious power of attention? Just slap an iframe around that shorty...'.

Much Win! If only small group politics were so easy....




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