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Yell Fire by Michael Franti and Spearhead - with lryics - Revolution never comes with a warning


Yell Fire! is the fifth studio album by the reggae-influenced band Michael Franti and Spearhead. It was inspired by Michael Franti's trip to the Middle East, visiting IraqIsrael, and the Palestinian territories. It is a politically charged album, with each track focusing on a controversial issue. The album was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and San Francisco and released on July 25, 2006 by ANTI- and Liberation Records. From the wiki.

"What emerged was an intimate telling of how war affects the individual: the cab driver, the soldier, the aspiring young musician. It was during this process that the film and album became inextricably linked. Franti recalls “my editing studio for the movie was upstairs and my recording studio was downstairs, so I would constantly alternate from one project to another. The process was like a catharsis for me, moving through this journey I had made.”

In addition to his groundbreaking recordings and globally acclaimed live concerts, Franti is a renowned speaker for social justice and human rights. He has lectured at many of this country’s top universities, including Yale, Georgetown and Stanford, and shared the stage< with the likes of Mohammad Ali, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, and Gloria Steinem. In 2005, Franti became the first recording artist since Johnny Cash to perform at the maximum security, level 4 section of Folsom State Prison."


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