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Saudi Arabia is the biggest loser in the new MidEast configuration, and Russia the biggest winner

Hmmmm - some of this seems clearly true - so - have we abandoned the Sauds?

All-out Middle East war as good as it gets

Absent an Israeli strike, America faces:

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Watching the Intrade on Obama reelection betting is interesting - his chances today are 68.2 percent.

Intrade is a kind of "commodities market" for internet betting on future events. (But not sports, that would be gambling...) Read more »



Money is magic anyway - so why not use coin seigniorage to pay off the debt, since we have that power?

Money is magic. Modern money theory starts out being mindbending than quickly takes you into fractal twists and turns that will blow your mind.

Like Coin Seignorage.

Sounds crazy right? Look into it. Ordinarily I am opposed to bringing the crazy, but, them crazy republicans are using a false dilemma about deficit and debt to manipulate the electorate, I figure it's every bit as fair to point out that a false problem might have a real solution...

Here's a bit from Naked capitalism, responses to critics of the coin seignorage concept.


Matt Yglesias is the second popular blogger mentioning coin seigniorage last week. Matt says:

This is an idea that’s circulating in Modern Monetary Theory circles, and I believe that it’s legally mistaken.

Perhaps it is. But don’t you owe it to readers to tell them why? Read more »

Electoral college math - good news for Obama, bad for Romney - but Republicans will seize the Senate?

From the blue...


Now that we're in the homestretch toward the November Presidential election, it's time to choose your favorite electoral-vote projection oracle. All of these are sites that monitor individual state polls and voter sentiment trendlines. Here are some options:— has been at it since 2004 and is a bonanza for polling stats junkies. Currently it's calling the electoral vote at 332 for Obama, 206 for Romney, with no toss-ups. (It takes 270 to win.) The site is run from The Netherlands by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, who prepares daily commentary and news analysis. His leanings are Democratic; for those who are bothered by that, he suggests a Republican-leaning alternative: Read more »

Chris Hedges interviewed by Bill Moyers - good easy summary of his latest book, and call for revolution

"In one of the most pointed, sweeping and personal public conversations about Chris Hedges' life and work yet, Bill Moyers speaks with the journalist after the release of "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt," the book Hedges co-authored with fellow reporter and artist Joe Sacco. The 50-minute conversation is followed by a segment on Sacco, who talks about the thinking and experiences that moved him to become a "comics journalist."


Some of this I did not care about - because I already know how the lower class lives, having spent my share of time there, as a self-employed creativity biz guy.

I did it willingly, accepting poverty as a cost of freedom. But, thats the ecxeption, most of the poor are poor unwillinmgly.

And, as everybody sits around hoping they will be spared, our corporate-owned government and economy is slowly and deliberately pushing more and more formerly "safe" middle classers into the lower classes. Are you safe?



CHRIS HEDGES: So the, you know, the very forces that we document in this book are the same forces that are responsible for destroying the ecosystem itself. We are watching these corporate forces, which are supranational. They have no loyalty to the nation state at all, reconfigure the global economy into a form of neo-feudalism. We are rapidly becoming an oligarchic state with an incredibly wealthy class of overlords. Read more »

Tom Smith, R candidate for Pa Senate Seat against Bob Casey, compares out-of-wedlock pregnancy to rape

Well, I hope his daughter is doing okay. But Smith is either a toadie so afraid of the tea and the religious right that he dare not say anything to offend them, or he is a religious fanatic himself, intolerant and desperate to impose his religion on others.

There's a name for that. Taliban.

"Smith said abortion should be banned without any exceptions"

"Reporters asked Smith after he spoke to the Pennsylvania Press Club whether he believed women should be allowed to terminate their pregnancy in cases of rape or incest. Smith said abortion should be banned without any exceptions.

In a follow-up question, Smith was then asked what he would tell his daughter if she became pregnant as the result of a rape.

“I lived something similar to that with my own family,” Smith responded. “She chose life, and I commend her for that. She knew my views. But, fortunately for me, I didn’t have to — she chose the way I thought. No, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t rape.”

“Similar how?” Mark Scolforo of the Associated Press asked.

“Uh, having a baby out of wedlock,” Smith replied.

The Republican candidate denied that he was comparing out-of-wedlock pregnancy to rape. Smith insisted he used the example of his daughter because both rape and out-of-wedlock pregnancies were difficult situations.

The gaffe is potentially disastrous for Smith in the light of Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) controversial comments. Akin created a national uproar after he claimed women could not become pregnant as the result of a “legitimate rape.” Akin has since lost the support of the Republican Party. Read more »

Hey, give me those pig parasites, baby! Where do I sign up?

I have RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis. My case is manageable - but if I did not get my medicine, I would be a cripple, in constant and debilitating pain.

Well, at least I am one of the percentage that responds to the least expensive types of medications, yay!

Anyway, some years ago I started reading about a new idea for treating autoimmune disorders. (RA is an autoimmune disorder, your immune system starts to attack your joints and connective tissue.) Parasites, specifically certain types of worms, which send a biosignal that suppresses the autoimmune response with minimal side effects and excellent results.

Supposedly a company will soon be offering this parasite treatment. Available here in about 4 years? Man, sign me up!

If you had a chronic and potentially debilitating condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease, and swallowing the eggs of a pig parasite could help, would you do it?

The team at Coronado Biosciences Inc is betting you would.

The Burlington, Massachusetts, company is developing what it hopes will be the first in a new class of treatments for autoimmune conditions. Each dose of the drug consists of thousands of microscopic parasite eggs, culled from pig feces, suspended in a tablespoon of saline solution to be swallowed.

In a pig, the eggs would grow into mature whipworms and reproduce, without harming their host. In humans, the same eggs barely survive two weeks. Yet in that short period they appear to modulate a patient's immune system and prevent it from attacking the body's own tissues and organs. Read more »

It's nice to see Pennsylvanians aren't as fickle and feckless as, say, Wisconsinites

New poll shows Obama with a significant lead over Romney in Pennsylvania

Ten weeks before the election, a voter poll commissioned by The Inquirer finds President Obama leading Republican rival Mitt Romney by a significant margin in Pennsylvania, raising the question of whether the Keystone State is up for grabs on Nov. 6.

The Inquirer Pennsylvania Poll, led by a bipartisan team of top political analysts, concluded that if the election were held now, Obama would win the state by nine percentage points - 51-42 - with 7 percent of voters undecided.


BBC documentary about fasting - cool stuff - I need to fast, lol


"Michael Mosley has set himself a truly ambitious goal: he wants to live longer, stay younger and lose weight in the bargain. And he wants to make as few changes to his life as possible along the way. He discovers the powerful new science behind the ancient idea of fasting, and he thinks he's found a way of doing it that still allows him to enjoy his food. Michael tests out the science of fasting on himself - with life-changing results."


I used to fast, when I was younger, as part of meditation exercises - it does have quite an effect, mentally. Still have a few books on it in my library.

Neat video, and an even neater concept. 

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