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CATA bus service issues

If a CATA bus driver doesn't drive the B Route schedule (Boalsburg) on a regular basis, chances are he/she will screw it up somehow. And riders can always count on this happening during PSU breaks, year after year. Many DRIVERS have consistently neglected to familiarize themselves with the Ride Guide. Some drivers have even asked riders which way they're supposed to go. They drive ahead of schedule arriving at stops too early, thus missing patrons. They've even bypassed stops altogether. (As I write this, I can see the Saturday morning bus passing by ten minutes late--in the wrong direction!) As usual, permanent residents who depend on the bus service to get to work, appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, post offices, etc. must continually endure this incompetence. CATA bus drivers, dispatchers and management have been made aware of these issues, but nothing changes.

from a letter sent to Voices

Dr. Radut | blog