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On the cheap: go out, get food

by Marilyn Jones

Most of us love the opportunity to get out of the house and have food prepared for us with no dirty dishes to clean afterwards. We love to sneak some bacon and pancakes or doughnuts and bagels (because as we all know, they are not fattening if eaten outside of the house), to have our eggs cooked as we really want them (not as we, oops, make them) and to innocently ingest caffeine (I thought I said decaffeinated). It is a form of relaxation and socialization. It perks us up – gets our day started with a pop!

It is also the most cost effective meal to eat out, saving us at least ten to fifteen dollars a shot (compared to lunch or dinner) if we order carefully. This allows even the most frugal and hungry of us the occasional splurge.

But where to go? Here are some delicious suggestions (*and the cost of a medium coffee and a plain bagel with cream cheese, based on phone call.):

The Waffle Shop – Three in State College, one in Bellefonte, always yummy, you can get whatever you want and the service is good. Also their staff stays long term, and the owners give high school kids a chance to work. During the week they have inexpensive specials and they even let you modify them to your taste – (called: West College Ave. location.) (Cheapest breakfast special Monday through Friday is 2 eggs, English muffin and coffee: $4.38) *$3.50 (one size refillable coffee)

Dunkin’ Donuts – Four in State College, great coffee, and who doesn’t love doughnuts? (called: Downtown location) Small coffee and doughnut: $2.28; *$3.49.

Saints Café – Downtown State College, good bakery selection, carefully crafted coffee, friendly service, European atmosphere. *$3.90 with small coffee, $4.20 with large coffee.

Webster’s Café – Downtown State College, hip atmosphere, herbal teas, accommodating service, books to read, nice people. *$4.39.

Panera Bread – Downtown State College, great bakery selections, fun atmosphere, line moves quickly. *$4.36.

Starbucks – (called: Garner Street, downtown) Three in State College, variety of interesting coffees, good coffee cakes, great smells. *$3.70.

Irving’s – Downtown State College, good food, variety, fresh smoothies, lots of seating. *$4.08.

Cool Beans Coffee and Tea – Bellefonte, a huge variety of foods, unusual atmosphere, friendly. *$3.79.

Café on the Park – Bellefonte, has gluten free products, warm and homey atmosphere, local and friendly people, a different selection of food. *$4.09.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – Great old-fashioned store, southern food selections, friendly wait staff. (Don’t have bagels, but do have biscuits – coffee plus order of biscuits: $3.38).

Café Lemont – Gretchen’s homemade cakes and health bars, beautiful interior, pleasant outside eating areas. *$4.75.

Village Eatinghouse Marketplace and Café – Pleasant Gap, art deco decor, homemade food, rotating menu, nice folk. (Don’t have bagels)

Denny’s – Good food, good prices, pleasant people (Coffee and biscuit with gravy and an egg - $3.60; Everyday value slam includes 2 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of sausage, 2 eggs, and 2 pancakes for $3.99) *$4.09.

The Diner – Downtown State College, Grilled Stickies! (coffee and sticky: $5.50) *$3.50.

Corner Room – Classic State College, get to see the world pass by, always good food and friendly people. *$3.10.

Callao Café – West Aaron Drive, State College, crepes, crepes, crepes, and super nice people. *$3.76.

Inglebean Coffee House – Milheim, good small town atmosphere, accommodating staff, great pastries, interesting coffee choices *$3.72.

McDonalds – Four in the area, one downtown – Hey, it’s McD’s – we know what it’s about. (Best breakfast meal deal: 2 breakfast burritos, a hash brown and a small coffee: $3.99) *$1.99 (no cream cheese).

Eat ‘n Park: (Smile special until 11:00 a.m. includes 2 eggs, toast, meat, and potato for $4.79 plus coffee for $1.89 = $6.68) *$3.90.

So hopefully, you will be able to have at least one breakfast a week out on the town. These prices may vary some from location to location or with eating inside or take-out, but they give you an overall idea of how much you will need to shell out for a delicious break today.

If you have a favorite place for breakfast that we didn’t mention, please send us a letter to the editor and tell us all about it. We’re always looking for an excuse to get out of cooking!

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