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CRPR Marsh Mondays & Wetland Wednesdays

Ages 3-6 yrs.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Rd

Molly Hetrick, [email protected]

Centre Region Parks & Recreation, 814-231-3071 to register

Classes held: 10:30 AM or 12:30 PM

June 12,           Animals Sounds

June 17,           Hungry Herbivores

June 19,           Summer Solstice

June 24,           Waters Wander

June 26,           Don’t Bug Me!

July 1,              Feet are Neat

July 3,              Critters In Camouflage

July 8,              The Night Shift

July 10,            Birds of a Feather

July 15,            Wonderful Worms

July 17,            Watch It Grow

July 22,            Cold Blooded

July 24,            Amazing Adaptations


CRPR, Your Recreation Destination for Teaching Kids About the Earth!

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