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Hosting problem caused drupal feeds module to fail - mod_security - communicating with midphase tech support was the answer

I was having a bit of trouble getting a drupal module called Feeds to work properly on this site. It worked fine for me on other servers, so after turning other modules on and off to check for conflicts, testing it with a default theme, and in other ways trying to figure out why it wasn't workingt he way I knew it could, I sent a support ticket to the midphase techs.

I'm not the kind of computer guy and webmaster that runs to the tech's easily - most things one can figure out oneself, with a little help from google. I suspected a host peculiarity. So - support ticket - explain what is happening.

And I was right, a security application called mod_security was blocking the plugin. Mod_security is a good thing to have - it protects CMS's like drupal and wordress from attacks - but in this case was blocking a function I wanted.

"Mod_Security is the problem. We'll write an exception and it should work." Email from Midphase Tech.

A short time later the module ran exactly as expected. Cool.

I've run hundreds of websites on some large number of different servers and hosts - for this level of midsized website, about 750k uniques a year, I've been fairly happy with midphase. You can't compare it to really bulletproof pro grade servers, but for the price, well, I've been happy with it.

Happy enough to say this - get 6 month's free hosting from Midphase with this special off link.


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