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Dvorak - "the cost of Bush's wars is coming home to haunt us" - we chose war over infrastructure and now must pay the price

Good short piece - well worth the click...

The endless war economy is of course supported by all of Washington, the dems are as much to blame as the repubs - but - it was Bush that lured us into badly managed military adventures, and who lied about how much they would cost.

So squirm as you may republicans - and you do love to squirm, dont you, boo hoo it's all the democrats fault - it was your side that spearheaded the latest pointless military adventures.

And you definitely seem to be trying to defund americna infrastructure.

The cost of Bush’s wars — comes home to haunt us

In general I try to make the appropriate semantic differentiation between ignorance and stupidity. But, we seem to have reached a point where the Party-formerly-known-as-Republican cherishes the sum of funds denied for infrastructure, social programs, aid to poverty-stricken families – even in the midst of the greatest economic collapse in over a half-century. Ideology completely overrules good sense.

And that is stupid. Stupid behavior. Stupid refusal to confront the essential requirements needed to maintain our economy – much less to encourage growth and global competitiveness.

Honestly, I really don’t understand why? Have these political hacks and their willing servants decided they don’t care what kind of country their children and grandchildren will live in? Are they so certain their own tidy little gated community is well enough off to thumb their noses at the majority of the American population?


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