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Legacy Day of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Legacy Day of the Civilian Conservation Corps at Poe Valley State Park

136 Poe Valley Park Circle, Coburn, PA 16832


Join us for a day of sharing and learning about some of the CCC “boys” in Centre County who enrolled in the program to support themselves and family during America’s “great depression”. Find out what it was like to live in a CCC camp. What these boys shared together during their formidable years in the CCC is a true legacy that has meaning for all of us today. Learn about the local men and others who administered the day to day camp operations at the Poe Valley Camp. Chances are you may learn about someone you may know who was in Poe Valley or another CCC camp.

We invite everyone to share any stories and provide any information about the Poe Valley camp for documentation into the history of Company 1333, Camp S-63 Poe Valley. Information may be shared by contacting the Centre County Historical Society, Mary Sorensen at [email protected], or call 814-234-4779. 


Experience “Chow Time” of yesteryear this year! Enjoy a lunch featuring real menu items from authentic CCC recipes and menu boards. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and contributors, this is a free and family friendly event; donations are welcomed.

To RSVP for lunch and for full event information visit or call 814-234-4779.

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