Dr Andrew Jackson Honored at Boal Mansion Ceremony


Dr Andrew Jackson Honored at Boal Mansion Ceremony

Colonel Theodore Davis Boal
Community Service Award
in honor of Colonel Theodore Davis Boal (1867-1938)
who founded the Boal Troop and the 28th Division Shrine as well as the Boalsburg Fire, Electric, Water, Telephone and Bus Companies., 2008.

For his community service, both as an academic adviser and counselor in Penn State's College of Education, and as Secretary/Treasurer and then President of the American Federation of Musicians Local 660 and for genrously sharing his talent and musical venues to encourage people of all ages and cultures to reachtheir potential, presented to Dr. Andrew Jackson, Sr. at the Boal Mansion, Boalsburg, Pa, on Memorial Day May 26, 2008 by Christopher Lee, CEO of the Boal Mansion.

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