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Add events to the calendar

To add an event to the community calendar, you must first become a member. (see becoming a member) Now that you are a member, log in. Click on the "Create Content" link in the navigation area at the top left of the page. Now, click on the "event" link. Fill in the title and location of the event (try to keep these brief), and the beginning day and time. If an event lasts over one day, each day must be entered separately. Fill in the details of the event in the designated area. Feel free to be as descriptive as necessary. It is possible to add images, text formatting and other HTML content by choosing the "Full HTML" radio button at the bottom of the page. For help with HTML, try a web search. When all of the information is entered, click submit. Easy! **Please note that in order to prevent abuse, a moderator must approve your event before it is posted to the calendar. This may take up to a few days. When it is approved, your event will be added.

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