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"How do Fortune 500 companies pay zero in taxes while college loans go up to 6 percent?" Warren asked. "This game is rigged."

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told a packed house at the Back Nine Cafe on Wednesday to fight to take government control back from big business.

"How do Fortune 500 companies pay zero in taxes while college loans go up to 6 percent?" she asked. "This game is rigged."

The consumer must "get up and fight," she said. "You've all got to be there to fight."   Read more »

Far right christian fundamentalists and their GOP puppets get all upset that Defense says "Sorry, the constitution applies here"

My inbox got a sudden burst of radical fundamentalists booohoooing about the pentagon saying "Official military policy is that you may not proselytize on US Government time. The seperation of Church and State applies to the US Military.".

Apparently FOX news and their hired guns at Drudge and Breitbart think that the 1st amendment is a nuisance.

I like the misleading title - apparently the meaning of the word "proselytize" is not something they understand. Read more »

Pennsylvania judge "...there is no corporate right to privacy under the Pa constitution" - fracking corporations can't hide

A Pennsylvania judge in the heart of the Keystone State’s fracking belt has issued a forceful and precedent-setting decision holding that there is no corporate right to privacy under that state’s constitution, giving citizens and journalists a powerful tool to understand the health and environmental impacts of natural gas drilling in their communities. Read more »

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

If you know, you know.

Gail Tverberg posts a brilliant piece of the mechanics of how higher oil prices lead to financial weakness, eventually failure

In the light of all the hooting and hollering from wall street about how fracking tight oil and natural gas liguids makes the US the new Saudi Arabia, and the end of peak oil - while at the same time prices at the pump continue to be on uncomfortably and unpleastantly high...

Gail tverberg releases a new post, and a series of articles explode based on it. Read the original post: Read more »

I agree with Bill O'Reilly

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