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Congress to Pass DCDRA

StevieslawExclusive: Congress to Pass DCDRA

Stevieslaw Exclusive: Congress to Pass DCDRA
Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, learned today that Congress will pass The Dysfunctional Congress Disaster Relief Act. Smokey reports further that vote to pass the act will be unanimous. “Long overdue,” said Johnny Ray—a spokesman for John Boehner, while Anne Rice, spokeswoman for Nancy Pelosi, concurs. President Obama has promised to sign the legislation should he be able to find a pen that works in DC.
The act will fund remedial courses, at the 8th grade level, in Civics, American History and Science for all members of Congress. Group therapy sessions, concentrating on anger management and building trust, will also be given.
The cost of the legislation was not immediately available. Of the hundred people Smokey polled about the legislation, however, 97 responded “priceless.”

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