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Stevieslaw: A good kick in the pants

Stevieslaw: A Good Kick in the Pants

I liked to visit my mother at the nursing home in the mornings.  She loved to be served breakfast.  She would sit in the big easy chair we had salvaged from her home, like a queen on her throne, and savor the food on her tray—usually something like oatmeal and stewed prunes, as she watched some talk show or other.  She’d have the sound up to a level that would make a jack-hammerer wince.  She never used her hearing aids. Read more »

Republicans draw the line at beheadings

Stevieslaw: Republican Platform draws the line at beheadings

In a contentious, fourteen hour debate, moderates defeated an amendment to the Republican Platform that would have allowed for the “beheading, boiling in oil, or burning at the stake of perverts.”  The amendment was defeated by a scant 4 votes.  The platform had previously defined “pervert” to include homosexuals, transgenders, atheists and people with suspicious moles or visible tattoos. Read more »

Stevieslaw: Dear John Q. Public

Stevieslaw: Dear John Q. Public

Hi John Q:

Well I’m off on my seven week paid vacation.  I’m afraid that once again my colleagues and I got almost nothing done.  But why pretend that you care?  We will patch together something or other to keep things running when we get back.  You won’t notice.  Read more »

Senate Signs off on gun control measure

Stevieslaw: Senate signs off on gun control measure
  Read more »

Republicans take a page from the Lord of the Rings

Stevieslaw: Republicans take a page from the Lord of the Rings

It seems only hours ago that the Republican establishment was united in the “Stop Trump” movement.  They firmly believed that Trump was pure evil—a manifestation of the “Dark Lord” on earth. Even worse than that, they felt he was likely to ruin the Republican brand and lose them the House and perhaps even the Senate. Read more »

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