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Stevieslaw: Contempt
The Republican controlled House of Representatives, fulfilling their constitutional duty to kill time between election campaigns, voted for the 31st time to repeal all or part of the Health Care Bill. Surprisingly, the vote did not improve their congressional approval rating, which is hovering around 10%.
Smokey Diamond, our investigative reporter, was able to get to Maddy Hatter, spokesperson for the powerful “Beat a Dead Horse Committee.” on a yacht just off the coast of Nantucket.
Maddy was furious. “The plans are,” she said, “to hold roughly 279 million Americans in contempt of Congress.” “They clearly are,” she added, “And they often say as much.” “And, this time we have done the math. There are roughly 314 million people is the US. Subtracting the nearly 4 million babies and multiplying through by the 90% that thumb their noses at Congress, gives us our number. How is that for accuracy and fact checking,” she trumpeted.

Maddy said that the House will spend the time between now and the November election reading the names of contemptuous Americans. “We feel it’s the best thing we can do for the country at this time.” Fox News agrees and, sadly, for once they may be right.

Dr. Radut | blog