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Fashionable Facts

Fashionable Facts

As we all secretly believe, fact is like fashion. The fashion model, Heidi Klum, who hosts the runaway hit show Project Runway says it best, “In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” That’s why our intrepid reporter, Smokey Diamond, was so pumped to test the hot new app, “She loves me—or not,” available exclusively at Stevieslaw. Smokey says, “With facts, as with fashion, one day they’re correct the next day not. “Now you can use the SLM-ON app to test any “fact” for instant accuracy, just as long as the test can be posed as a simple yes or no question.”
Have trouble believing the earth is round? Ask forty-four million of your equally misinformed peers their opinion. Today, you will find that 57% believe it is not. Bingo—today, the earth is flat. And, tomorrow? Excited yet?
SLM-ON can help with the simplest fashion questions, “Should I buy this new blue shirt because it makes me look thin (just upload the photo)” to the thorniest of philosophical queries—“Is there a God and does he look like Woody Allen?” (1.Yes 14%: 2. Yes 87%: 3.Yes 86%). Can’t sleep? Stay up all night and watch the evolution (pun intended) of your truth.
Real Americans will be happy to note that SLM-ON has already been warmly endorsed by the Tea Party. A spokesperson for Michelle Bachmann notes that, “this will end the twin tyrannies of science and history.” While a Rick Perry spokesperson suggests that SLM-ON will quickly eliminate the need, and the expense, of higher education.
Are they right? Check it out on SLM-ON. Download it now from Stevieslaw for only $19.97—less than half the cost of a steak dinner at Arbys. Or is it?

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