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Lost Dog in Bellefonte - called Stubby - please look for him




Has a Stubby Tail

Microchipped, No Collar

Last Seen 3/20 in the Weaver Hill Road Area—He Likes Other Dogs

Call the Hoovers at

355-4934 Reward!

See More Info on the Other Side


Yesterday (Sunday, March 20th), Stubby stayed pretty consistently in a broad area that centers roughly on the intersection of Weaver Hill Road and Harrison/Irish Hollow Road--fairly close to the Spring Township Building. He was sighted at various locations there all yesterday and at least into the evening. Please be on the lookout for him and call us if you see him. If he runs away try to watch where he goes. Call us: 355-4934.--to join a pack, as it were, like when he was with his siblings as a puppy and a young dog. I am certain he went to a particular home in the Stonehenge Development off Weaver Hill Road because he saw that there were friendly dogs outside, and he also accepted treats there. He returned to that same home in the afternoon and was almost caught by following the dogs into the garage. He panicked and ran out as the door was being closed


Stubby seems to want to hook up with some friendly dogs to play with


The best shot at returning Stubby safely home may be for someone--a woman would absolutely be best--to get him playing with some friendly dogs outside and then call them all inside where a door could be shut quietly behind him, while he is distracted. Treats may also work, as he's been doing a lot of running and is probably getting hungry. Once inside, Stubby will most likely just cower down, rather than go wild, when approached and a lead can be gotten on him. If captured, just call us: 355-4934, you won't believe how quick I will get out there!


Stubby is not aggressive and tends to cower when he can’t get away. But he is very nervous and afraid of men. He can run unbelievably fast and has demonstrated his ability to squeeze out of tight spaces. He almost certainly won't be caught by chasing him down or by someone trying to attract him and then suddenly grabbing for him while he is out in the open-- He does not have his collar on, for one thing, and I think he would just twist out of the grabber's arms and then run like the wind in a panic to God only knows where. We would then have to begin the search all over again without knowing where to even start looking and with a more leery dog.


Stubby seen, but still missing


Stubby is still missing, but the attached handout is being networked very extensively and many people are contacting us to say they are taking up Stubby's cause and actively looking for him..
A blog has been established to aid in the county-wide search.   Please publicize it at this address:
Attached is the Stubby handout/poster.
Any assistance getting/keeping this before the public eye would be appreciated--there have been no sightings reported in the last five days--so spreading the word to a wider audience is essential.
Many thanks,

Here's the handout! STUBBY lost dog Bellefonte

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