Message from the Editor - SPECIAL BULLETIN on Websters

Dear Voices Reader,

    Circumstances came to light right after we published July 1 that cause us to alert you to an important situation: Webster's Bookstore Cafe in downtown State College has been given 30 days' notice to vacate due to falling behind on rent (although full payment was eventually offered to the landlord).

    Voices was the first in the county to post this news to our website and Facebook page and start getting the word out, but due to our volunteer workforce and the summer holidays, we don't have people on the ground reporting. We do have Art Goldschmidt and other Voices supporters actively helping owner Elaine Meder-Wilgus. To that end:

   1. Elaine has requested that Webster's supporters write a 500-word letter about what Webster's means to you and deliver it to the store (or email to [email protected])  so she can use it with banks, future landlords or even the current landlord to get an extension.
    2. She also has asked people to buy books (1/2 off) to help her liquidate.
    3. And we ask you to sign the petition being circulated now and during Arts Fest  so that it may also be used in support of Webster's. The paper petition is down at the bookstore, but if you can't get to town to sign that please sign this online petition:

 Save Websters Bookstore Cafe - the online petition
   4. Lastly, if you're on Facebook, there are two groups you can join:

Solidarity for Websters' Bookstore Cafe
Help Save Webster's Cafe and Bookstore

    Why would Voices ask you to support this one business and not, particularly, others? For the same reason we're a little uncomfortable writing about it as a news story - Webster's is our second home, the place we've been welcomed to store the thousands of papers we get printed every month, the place we often meet with friends and allies, and its warehouse across the street is home to our office, at very reduced rates. Yes, Voices has a vested interest in saving Webster's, which as become a second home to many of us over its 11 years. We know you do too, so thank you for reading, and acting on, this email.

    Suzan Erem
    Managing Editor, Voices of Central Pa

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