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Mitty Unwitty

Stevieslaw: Mitty Unwitty
When Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, ran down The Mitt’s campaign spokesperson, Iwana More, at his family vacation compound in Nantucket, he found Iwana pumped up and crowing.
“Mitt’s overseas tour was a great victory,” she said. “If nothing else, it showed what a quick study the Mittski is.” “He learns from every life experience,” she intoned—“just like you would expect any great leader to do.” “You must admit,” continued Ms. More, “that after insulting the British and the Palestinians and trivializing the problem with the Iranians, Mitt came through by not once insulting the Poles.” “That was not easy,” she said with a polished grin. “The desire for witty Mitty to tell Polish jokes was almost unbearable.”
“Mitt showed great self-restraint,” said Iwan. “Not telling Polish jokes in Poland is the sort of deeply reasoned foreign policy we can expect from a Romney regime.”
Smokey, barely listening, thought “Did you hear the one Borowitz did on a Jew, a Brit, and a Pole who walk into a bar…”

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