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My Cousin Vinny Remake

Stevieslaw: Reworking “My Cousin Vinnie.**”
At Stevieslaw, we are shopping an idea for a “Cousin Vinny” remake—be sure to tell your many Hollywood director/producer friends. In our rewrite, a Joe Pesci look alike and a Ralph Macchio look alike have a hell of a good time in a small town in Mississippi. Too good a time. Under the new Mississippi law, they are charged with murder by birth control. The young and ambitious district attorney seeks the death penalty, as a headline grabber. They are saved in the end by the Marisa Tomei character—a wise cracking, New York accented young woman, with a truly encyclopedic understanding of birth control methods.
Tell me you wouldn’t go see this movie twice.

**Voting on Conception as Legal Start of Life
By ERIK ECKHOLM –NY Times 10/26/11

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