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WANTED - Maine Coon mix kitten or young cat

If anyone has or knows about someone with maine coon cats in the central pa area, we very much want to find a maine coon mix kitten.

The maine coon is an absolutely amazing breed. We'd prefer a mix male, which we would neuter and keep as a family pet.

(edited to remove the contact email - sorry folks, we've adopted cats already.)

Please help us find a Maine Coon kitten

I will happily pay a minimum of $10 for a lead that results in our finding a maine coon mix kitten or young cat.

Maine coon cat??


I can't prove that he's a Maine Coon, but I have a cat (Rags, I wouldn't part with him for any amount!) who looks very much like one. I'm pretty sure he's a kitten from a litter born to a semi-feral "farm cat" who lives close to us. She has recently had another litter & I will watch to see if any of these look like they might be long-haired and keep you posted. I have noticed that the Humane Society shelter in our area often has long-haired kittens with the typical stocky-body & humungous feet of the Maine Coon breed. You could check your local shelter if don't mind getting a cat "without papers".




Folks, you can stop emailing me with maine coon offers, but

I've gotten so many nice letters, and heart breaking letters, about maine coon cats and kittens from this post.

Wonderful and sometimes heart breaking letters about amazing sounding cats.

But folks, I have all the cats our family can handle right now. So if you reach this page searching for someone to take a great main coon cat or kitten, consider registering here and making a post about your little guy so someone else who knows about these great cats might be able to find you.

Request for a Maine Coon Mix

Hello, i think i have what you want, But she IS a maine coon mix, but she is NOT a kitten she is 16 in GREAT health, and is VERY special to my family, so if you have any questions please respond, but i might just have what you need, or want 


Best Regards,



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