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Ryan and Gingrich Sitting in a Tree.

At Stevieslaw, we realize that we are the only blog in the nation that has not done a piece about Newt Gingrich over the past week or so.  This is either a reflection of our deep respect for the Newter or our incredible laziness (please choose one).  Now, Smokey Diamond has run down the rest of the story.

We have learned that not only has Newt apologized to Paul Ryan for calling his Medicare plan “right-wing social engineering” and explained that he would have voted for it had he been in Congress, but the Newt will also tout (or toot for you poets) the plan around the nation as he campaigns for the Presidency.  His conversion, as Gingy explained to Smokey, was a result of his deeper understanding of the Ryan plan.  “This plan will only adversely affect seniors and people who ever expect to become seniors,” Newts told Smokey—“not everyone.” “Most of all, it will have a positive influence on the country’s millionaires and multi-millionaires who will not be asked to help pay for your healthcare.”  “Remember,” he said, “Millionaires must be protected if we are ever to offer a single new job in this country again.”

Newty continued, “I have promised Paul that I am through with the kind of knee-jerk reactions, based on common sense, which got me in trouble in the first place.”  “I am a New Gingrich,” he concluded with a grin.

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