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Sleep Deprivation and the Radical Right

Even with their endless rounds of pronouncements, “Catch-22 style “ loyalty oath signings and non-constructive posturing on the debt ceiling—that threatens through interest rate increases the existence of the tottering middle class—House Republicans are still finding time to gut environmental regulations, as reported in the New York Times yesterday. At Stevieslaw, where dreams of long naps occupy even our most productive hours, we can only ask in awe—When do these people sleep?
Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, was down in DC this morning to speak with Babbsy Boat, spokesperson for “Hush Little Baby,” a liberal think tank that believes that they have a solution to the problem that Republican sleep-deprivation is causing. “Rather than follow the President’s advice and call your Representative to demand this or that,” said Babbs, “We recommend that you call your local Republican representative and sing him a lullaby.” “In our view, we will never end the lunacy that wide-awake Tea Partiers are bringing to our country.” “Our only hope is to get them to sleep until their terms are up.” “Think Rip Van Winkle and croon, croon, croon,” she concluded as she drifted off to sleep.

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