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Tracking the Candidates

Stevieslaw: Tracking the Candidates

Smokey Diamond, our usually unflappable ace reporter, went catatonic after the first debate.  She is recovered and will be closely following the Republican candidates daily, until Election Day, which Republicans in Ohio are now telling everyone is December 7th.

Today, Romney continued his foreign policy blitz by telling a roaring crowd in Miami that, “If only I had been President during the Cuban missile crisis, rather than that weak-kneed John Kennedy, we could have avoided a nuclear war.”

The RNC, reported today at 9 AM, that Paul Ryan had driven a municipal garbage truck through Toledo, Ohio.  Ryan, breakfasting after at the popular “Grits and Chips” restaurant, told a cheering crowd that he was proud to be a Teamster. 

The RNC spokesperson, RU Kidgme, later admitted that it wasn’t a real garbage truck Ryan was not a Teamster, and that, in fact, Ryan was in Sarasota.  When pressed, Kidgme would only say, “It’s pressure time and hard to keep track of every little this and that.”

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