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Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*

Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*
Tom Corbett today responded to charges by Attorney General Elect, Kathleen Kane, that he slowed the Sandusky investigation because he feared a backlash by Penn State fans by stating, “I slowed up the investigation because I feared that if I charged Sandusky during my election campaign some Penn State fans would blame the messenger and I would not be elected.” “I hope this clears the air,” he continued.

*Because of the added expense of compliance with Obamacare, we have had to cut back our proofreaders** hours. Some missspellings might occur and some words of negation may have been added or left out. We have also had to give up eating Poppa John’s Pizzas***.
**We never had a proofreader, but the statement above makes us feel important.
***Actually, we don’t believe we’ve ever had a PJPizza (Proofyguy, please check).


I'm kinda looking forward to...

... Corbetts re-election campaign. Could be a fun time.

Can you say "albatross"? I knew you could.

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