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if you want, lol

sure, why not? Hi!

you might be a bot testing a spam straategy tho. Are you a bot?


 nope..not a bot.  the notification hit my spam filter.


no offense...but are we alone here?

not entirely alone, but underutilized surely

Not alone, actually, this site gets a fair number of readers, but it is underutilized by the web savvy posting crowd. I have various theories about why that is, but theories, ya know, a handful of theories and a dollar will buy you a cheap cup of coffee.

You would not believe the number of times I hear "I would post, but I just dont know how", or some variation on that theme.

Old fogies make up the bulk of the political and intelligentsia crowd - and they dont get the internet. And you know, young folks these days are so incredibly conservative, so they wouldn't be caught dead hanging out in an unapproved place and debating and suchlike.

Bad for their future careers you know. That kind of thing can mess you up severe.


Anyway, people have certainly read your post, but only I am intrepid enough to post in reply. such is life.

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