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June 25 Breakfast to discuss issues related to climate change

Over the next few years, I am planning on holding irregularly scheduled breakfasts where like-minded citizens can learn about, discuss, and take action on issues related to climate change.

The first one will deal with EPA's effort to regulate mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.  EPA has proposed a rule to regulate emissions and already Big Coal's allies in congress are ready to introduce legislation to stop EPA. 

 Come to the breakfast to learn about mercury pollution, how pervasive it is, and what we can do to support EPA.

 SPEAKER:  Ed Perry, Pennsylvania Outreach Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation

WHEN: June 25

TIME: 8:30am - coffee
          9:00am - buffet style breakfast
                       § Fruit and yogurt parfaits
                       § Traditional scrambled eggs
                       § Bacon and hash browns
                       § Baked oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins
                       § Assorted juices, coffee, and tea

COST: $10.00 at the door

DEADLINE:  I need to know by June 22 if you plan to come so that I can let Foxdale know.  Just reply to this email.

WHERE: Foxdale. 500 East Marylin Avenue, State College, PA 16801

WHY: Over the next few years, our country will be faced with choices on energy, climate change and a host of other environmental issues.  We will need an educated, concerned, and aroused citizenry to counter the extremists who appear devoted to preventing our country from beginning the transition from dirty fossil fuels and on to clean renewable energy.

Ahhh, wonderful, glad you are doing this

I personally can't make breakfast meetings, so I hope you start a pattern of sharing info and ideas after your meetings, I'd like to hear what you discussed.

Mercury and other pollutants from coal burning is an interesting subject. It seems nearly inevitable that as we slowly start to move from a liquid fuel economy to an electricity economy, that coal burning in countries where coal is plentiful will increase.

Our civilization is caught in an interesting moment right now - teh EROI (energy return on onvestment) and relative cost  of liquid fuels is starting to increase, combined with the politically destabilizing and inconvienient fact that the last remaining superfields of light sweet crude are all under the surface of the soverigns - the middle eastern oil kingdoms (and Iraq, which is probably not a real democracy, despite neocon intervention and US trillions-of-$$$ and lives).

We waited to long to start to transform into a post-oil economy, so now everything will be done hastily and with no regard for the real costs. It will all cost more than it should have and would have if we had been led by wiser leaders.

Anyway, I hope you'll have luck with your breakfast meetinsg.

Oh, Ed, maybe you should include a contact email?

You mention contacting you to reserve a seat - might be best if you add an email.

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