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Transferring Top Teachers has Benefits (no surprise) - but is this as good an idea as it seems?

More holiday reading…    

Steady State College - Abbreviated March 3 Edition

The March 3 Steady State College edition will be postponed to March 10 - I've just been too busy with other tasks to get to the editing. In the meantime...


Friends & Farmers Co-op Update


Gates, reprised

Catching up on my EdWeekly reading over the holidays...

Communication Literacy

Perhaps the phrase strikes you as redundant, but it’s the term I use to describe the broad range of communication skills that our students will need to successfully navigate the 21st-century world. And yet, the traditional focus on the 2 Rs (reading and writing) remains the entrenched standard - partly because those skills are relatively easy to test. Sadly, we appear to have created a generation who has only learned to write the 500-word exposition, with the teacher as the only audience. Read more »

Getting out of Dodge

Stevieslaw: Kansas Poised to Pass “Safe Passage” Act Read more »

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