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Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*

"The Fight over Medical Marijuana" - pretty good video from the New York Times, of all places

The NYT (New York Times), does some decent journalism, but is basically a mouthpiece of the neolib empire - and you have to know that, as you study the journalism that gets done there.

So it's interesting to see a big editorial on the injustice of Obama's personal war on medical marijuana states, with a (non-embeddable, those DRM-lovers) video that is actually pretty good. A short video, easy and fun to watch, I guarantee you it's worth the click.

If the NYT does a serious piece, with a movie, asking if the federal persecution of medical marijuana states makes sense - perhaps a new day is finally dawning. We shall see.

The Fight Over Medical Marijuana

And federal drug laws are unjustifiably extreme. Consider the case of Chris Williams, the subject of this Op-Doc video, who opened a marijuana grow house in Montana after the state legalized medical cannabis. Mr. Williams was eventually arrested by federal agents despite Montana’s medical marijuana law, and he may spend the rest of his life behind bars. While Jerry Sandusky got a 30-year minimum sentence for raping young boys, Mr. Williams is looking at a mandatory minimum of more than 80 years for marijuana charges and for possessing firearms during a drug-trafficking offense. Read more »

Don't blame me - I voted for the Green Party Jill Stein as President, and not Libertarian

I'm one of those horrible, despicable radical progressives that does not like Barack Obama.

I don't like Obama, but I wanted the dems to win in general - and I think the republicans are lying and blackhearted monsters who have betrayed their old core principles and philosophies so outrageously and grossly that I can never, under any circumstances, vote for a republican.

I dont even want to be mistaken, by the dataminers, as someone who MIGHT have been persuaded to vote republican.

So, because of that, I couldnt vote libertarian, even tho I actually have been registered libertarian most of my life, and have always considered myself one of that very rare and exotic subtribe of libertarians, a techno-libertarian.

(Never heard of techno-libertarians? Gee I'm shocked. See, techno-libertarianism was born in the early days of the internet, way back in the early 90's, before html and webpages ruined everything, and the net was clean and pure and beautiful blah blah, and we all walked to school uphill ten miles both ways, in the snow. It was a noble and heady time, for sure... Two internet listservs, the Cypherpunks and the Extropians, existed in those halcyon days, and I was a member of both - and there, libertarianism was discusse at great length, and techno-libertarianism was born. A great story, I'll tell it sometime. Anyways...)

As I was saying - I liked Gary Johnson, and strongly approve of his properly libertarian anti-war and anti-drug war platform policies - because true libertarians, you see, don't believe in war or using violence to acheive political ends, and believe in the rights of adults to do what they chose as long as noone else is being harmed in a way that invokes civil liability - and even then the harm is a civil matter unless it involves the violent destruction of person or property against the owner's will. Read more »

Is Nate Silver a Witch?

This is probably the funniest and most astute political website that appeared in the final days...

Is Nate Silver A Witch?

Click the link to find out, is Nate Silver a Witch.

This is what the "Is Nate Silver A Witch?"

website said earlier today...

Did you vote yet?





GET OUT and VOTE!  Read more »

LOL, PA republicans so desperate they falsely imprison kids to have a media audience for no-show Romney

Now this is funny...

Romney-Ryan Staffers Falsely Imprison Freezing PA rally attendees?

"Rightwingers on twitter are being their usual selves, basically saying "so we held people against their will without cause, what's the big deal?" ("It wasn't even that cold!" being an actual quote against a mom who was concerned about her kid getting frostbite).

But, in fact, this IS a big deal. You see, rightwingers, you're not allowed to restrain people without their consent except under very limited circumstances---its called "false imprisonment.

False imprisonment is generally defined as the unlawful restraint of a person against her will by someone without legal authority or justification.

Generally, false imprisonment is both a civil and criminal offense. For the civil offense, all that is needed is the following elements:

There must have been a willful detention;
The detention must have been without consent; and
The detention was unlawful.

All of these are met here.

It gets even worse for the staffers because they detained kids. Pennsylvania criminal law specifically notes that this a felony offense. Read more »

Inner Transition Workshop

Transition Town State College is continuing with a series of workshops on inner transition. Every one at the first of these workshops had a great experience. Here is the next one and I hope you can attend. If so please note the RSVP.

Transition Town State College (TTSC) will hold an Inner Transition event on Saturday, November 17th in Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. The event, hosted and facilitated by Andy McKinnon of TTSC, will focus on an open discussion of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of transition. This refers to the inevitable change from our current consumptive lifestyle made possible by an abundance of cheap fossil fuels to a simpler more cooperative, and more localized way of living guided by the forces of peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction. The evening may include a film and short interactive activities.

When: Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 6-9 PM
Where: 118 East Blade Drive, Penn Furnace, PA 16865
What to bring: A vegetarian item to share

Awwwww, what a shame - Spanier just got charged for the years of sex abuse cover up

It's true, I take a moment of schadenfreude (the pleasure one takes in the downfall of others, especially snooty jerks who were mean to you in the past) from this news.

Voices was told many times, thru the gossip grapevine that thrives at Penn State (like all non-transparent institutions that abuse their people in power games), that Graham Spanier didn't like us, and that he punished people who did support us, or wanted to advertise with Voices. We lost a lot of advertising income, which we depend on to survive, because we dared to speak out against Spaniers policies - something, by the way, that you will never see the CDT do.

For example, because we dared to publish articles critical of the Penn State loan game, - passing off hundreds of millions in State-backed borrrowed money to a select group of contractors to build expensive new buildings, and then raise tuition ten percent a year, instead of focusing on providing a good and affordable education for young Pennsylvania residents, as specified in the PSU charter. And other articles over the years critical of Spanier's leadership of Penn State.

Anyway - look at Spanier now - fired, driven from town in shame - and now he's going to be charged with felonies. Read more »

Practical Politics

Tom Lehrer’s song comes to mind when making observations about the central issue of this tawdry election which Congressional Quarterly estimates will cost $6 billion. Lehrer’s sardonic perspective concludes, “But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,/ It's National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week./ Be nice to people who / Are inferior to you./ It's only for a week, so have no fear./ Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!”

The central lesson of this election is regardless of who wins, the fate of the Republic depends on our elected officials—indeed, on all of us,— figuring out how to solve, with people whose views we do not agree, problems. 

We will have the same problems as existed before the election. Indeed, even before the new Congress is sworn in and before Inauguration day, the current Congress will have to pass major economic legislation which President Obama will have to sign. If that does not occur, the Congressional Budget Office predicts DEPRESSION.

So, nearly all the same cast, vilifying each other for months, will have to work effectively with “people who / are inferior to you.” 

The outcome of two elections relevant to Voices readers is already clear. 

Even early in October, as I write, Obama will be re-elected because of his solid lock on the Electoral College. Rep. Glenn (“GT”) Thompson will be elected to his third term in Congress here in the Fifth Congressional District because—with the exception of 1976—a Republican has been elected to the Fifth Congressional District in every election since the Civil War. 

This District is 94 percent white; 87 percent of the voters have an education limited to high school. Two years ago, Thompson won re-election by 69 percent. Four years ago, when Obama won in Centre County, so did Thompson. Read more »

No Accusation

Stevieslaw: No Accusation

Governor Romney, speaking at a campaign stop in Florida said today “I am not accusing President Obama of conspiring with climate scientists to construct this devastating hurricane, no matter what other smart and rational people are saying. Fair and Balanced News also stopped short of accusing the President. They did note, however, that the storm was “much too late in the season” and that “its shape reminded them of a map of Kenya.”  Two of the Superpacs, somehow associated with Mitt, did run the story.  When questioned, they would only say, “Of course it’s not true---so what?”

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