Will WEBSTERS Cafe and Bookstore be forced to close?

Will Webster's Cafe and Bookstore be forced to close?  (this message is being passed around the local networks...)

One of the most popular local establishments and the last locally-owned used bookstore in the region is facing eviction, according to co-owner Elaine Meder-Wilgus who was putting the word out to customers today.

What will customers do to help keep Webster's open? One option is to let the process play out, but the other is to organize. It's time to see if State College is ready for a fight, the fight to keep the home base of progressive everything alive and thriving, to demand the landlord renew the lease and to allow Elaine and Co. to continue her business along the plan the landlord had agreed to.
Aaron Drive and her warehouse are not closing - but according to Elaine the Allen Street location is apparently the cash flow driver for all three locations.

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