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Enabling Trump

Stevieslaw: Enabling Trump  - American journalists of all stripes have been spending the last few days beating themselves up.  Journalists have realized that by reporting on Trump exclusively, in all his many manifestations, instead of reporting on anything else on the planet, they’ve enabled his candidacy.  Reports of this startling realization were the lead articles in all reputable newspapers and magazines and the lead story on all the network and cable news stations.  The New York Times headline screamed “How We Helped Trump,” in a font size previously reserved for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, while The National Enquirer’s headline had, “We Helped the Trump-Weasel-Win,” with prominent photos of Trump and his immediate family—through 3rd cousins on every page of the newsrag.  CNN apologized to the American people for 37 continuous hours while “Trump the presumptive nominee,” rolled across the screen. 


Now, we have learned that a special award for Journalistic Excellence has been established to reward any news organization that can construct a complete sentence—whether written or verbal—without using the word Trump in said sentence before the November election. Read more »

NAFF16 Seeking Artists and Craftsment!

Artists and mercantile vendors interested in participating in the Fourth Annual Northern Appalachian Folk Festival, September 9, 10 and 11, 2016 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, can take advantage discounted application and booth fees through April 30.

More information and an application may be found online at 

Direct questions or requests for hardcopy applications via email to [email protected] or by phone: 724-463-6110. Read more »

Stevieslaw: May I Steal That?

Stevieslaw. May I Steal That?
As an aspiring writer and poet, I often seek to put words together, that through some mystical balance of sound and sight, transcend the sentence and come alive. It rarely happens. When a member of my poetry group succeeds, I always ask if I may steal it. They think I’m kidding. Read more »

Local social-issue horror movie to premiere at Campus Theatre


Cast and crew in person at hometown premiere of supernatural thriller Read more »

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