Wondering How to Green Your Home?

Green Building and Energy Efficiency for the Homeowner: The First Steps
with Liam Globle, of Envinity Green Design and Construction
May 22nd, at 7pm at the Schlow Public Library

Sponsored by the Penn State Center for Sustainability and the Moshannon Group Sierra Club

Energy efficiency and conservation are good for the environment, and making informed decisions about improvements can also result in saving money. Understanding residential energy use is both important and timely: according to the US Green Building Council, buildings have a significant impact on the environment. In the US alone, they account for 65% of electricity consumption, 36% of energy use, as well as 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials use, AND waste output. In the near future, electricity industry price caps in Pennsylvania will be removed and rates are predicted to rise. The cost of petroleum is rising, along with global temperatures.

Liam will provide an overview of green design building opportunities and cost effective energy efficiency improvements for homeowners in Pennsylvania. He will address the PA Home Energy program, energy auditing, and other related services that can help you make your existing home or new building project both high performance and green. There will be a question and answer period following the presentation. 


Envinity is a Green Design and Construction company in State College, Pennsylvania.  Envinity focuses on energy efficient design using local and sustainable materials. Furthermore, the utilization of high efficiency heating and cooling equipment along with renewable energy systems are incorporated into the design and construction of Envinity's projects. In addition to design and construction, Envinity conducts energy audits, for homes and businesses, to provide a way for individuals and companies to reduce their utility bills.  Envinity has been conducting energy audits since 2005.  Envinity is currently conducting energy audits on individual residences as well as multifamily apartment complexes.

Liam's Bio:

Goble is a 2004 environmental systems engineering graduate from Penn State. Goble was instrumental in founding Envinity, a green design and construction company based in State College, in 2004.  In the fall of 2005, Liam attended a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) certification class.  Liam also attended a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certification class in the summer of 2007. These certifications provided the basis for conducting energy audit work.  Liam is currently working on an energy audit on a multifamily apartment building in Lancaster, PA as well as providing energy ratings for Energy Star certification of individual residences within Pennsylvania.

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