Lost comments - our spam control software has been acting up

I've just realized that a few comments that should have been posted were placed in the spam moderation queue for reasons I can't quite determine. I've just restored them.

If you make a comment that you think is valid, and it doesn't appear, you can contact us and let us know, and we'll check for you.

I will be checking the comment moderation queue daily

Akismet, our spam moderation tool, is being a bit more strict - there is apparently an increase in spam worldwide (I've been seeing much more of it, and tricky spam as well), so the akismet managers have increased it's strictness to cope.

So, if you make a comment, it is likely not to appear until I approve it. Please bear with us for a few days or weeks until Akismet adapts to this new wave of spam and improves it's rules for testing comments.

I will check the akismet queue several times a day to approve your comments.

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