Chik-Fil-A partners with anti-gay groups to lobby against gay marriage in Pennsylvania

Ahhh, ain't that cute, a chicken chain is afraid of gay love and thinks it's a great PR move to attack gay folks in our state.

Didn't I hear a Chick-fil-A was coming to State College? Or is it already here? Dunno.

Right wing fear of "teh gay" is funny! Religion based hatred is pathetic.


Take a look at an event scheduled for February 2011, co-sponsored by Chick-fil-A and the Pennsylvania Family Institute, the leading anti-gay group in the Keystone State and a group that has worked hard to try and pass a constitutional amendment in Pennsylvania banning same-sex marriage.

The February event co-sponsored by Chick-fil-A is called "The Art of Marriage," and it's intended to be a launching point for Pennsylvania to return to "the biblical definition of marriage." Given the work of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, it's hard not to see where this event is going to go -- straight for the jugular of anyone who supports marriage equality for same-sex couples.

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