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Mike the Mailman up at the University Park Post Office featured on CBS News On The Road

The video embeds from CBS News are always a little cranky, you may have to wait a bit for it to appear and be ready to play. And deal with an advertisement. Hey, content isn't free...

Penn State postman delivers lesson in happiness

"STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Typically, post office lines breed anger and frustration. But at the head of this queue on the campus of Penn State University in State College, Pa., you'll find nothing but joy.

"My mission is to make them have a little bit of levity on the way out and say, 'Hey, it's not so bad after all,'" says Mike Herr.

To that end, Mike lives by a simple motto: if you can't say something nice about someone, you're just not looking hard enough." Read more »

Religion and family values

When someone argues that religion is necessary for moral values, show them this...
The next time someone tells you that religion is necessary for moral values, show them this.

12-year old girl creates an amazing near-space flight experiment and video

"Your Obama Guy - he won the election, right? So why is he nominating all these republican types?"

Something new under the sun

by James Hynes

Photo by Allison Robertson
The solar panels on the roof of the Friends School power about half of the community room.

Solar energy technology has been making inroads in central Pa.

As the soft morning fog lifts off a 30-acre field in Drumore Township in Lancaster County, the bluish glass veneer of 20,000 solar panels glistens in the sun. The Keystone Solar Project, built by the Community Energy Solar Company on a former poultry farm off Route 272, was connected to the grid in October 2012 in front of a crowd of over two hundred local residents.

The solar farm is the largest in the Eastern U.S., using a technology called photovoltaics (photo = light; voltaic = electricity) to generate enough clean solar electricity to fully power about 950 houses each year. Day-to-day power is distributed among 4,200 homes on the grid.

The $20 million project was funded, in part, by a grant from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority and the sale of energy credits to institutions such as Juniata College, the Clean Air Council and the Philadelphia Phillies baseball franchise.

In the Bald Eagle Area School District in Centre County, about half the electricity for the middle school, high school and the Wingate Elementary School buildings is supplied by solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

In nearby Bellefonte, three school buildings are also powered, in part, by solar panels. Read more »

Local roads dangerous for home owners

by Sierra Dole

Women gain preventative care options

by Sierra Dole Read more »

Penn State study explores sibling rivalry

by Allison Robertson Read more »

Sibling rivalry effects: a short survey

by Marilyn S. Jones Read more »

Scandal gives event new perspective

by Margaret Culver and Amanda Pina Read more »

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